Industrial Safety Railing Systems


Industrial safety railings are important for various reasons. The most obvious is to prevent accidents in heavy industries. Other than this, these provide peace of mind for those who live in or near an area with a high concentration of heavy machinery. These can be anything from car engines to air compressors. In any case, they pose a risk when the machinery is operating in bad weather or if there is excess load.
The installation of an industrial safety railing involves the use of several components. One such integral component is the base plate. This is the part of the railing that is fitted directly to the ground. Other materials used include hardwood, rigid plastic, and aluminum. They all are easy to keep and are also not prone to too much damage during installation. These include the base plate, the top cross-bracing, the two cross-bracing arms, the ladder clips, and the horizontal angle brackets.
The installation process of these fall protection guardrail systems involves preparing the ground by leveling and then excavating around the area to be worked upon. Once this is done, you have to prepare the area that is going to be used for the installation of the said railing. This involves removing any underground soil that might be present, flattening the land, and making any necessary alterations. You have to ensure that there are no underground electric cables, gas lines, and any other such hazards.
After this, you have to install the railings according to the manufacturer's specifications. The requirements often differ for different types of railings. Once the installation is complete and the railing is firmly fixed to the ground, you have to go for the handrail side mount. There are different types of handrail systems such as the plastic handrail side-mounted, which is one of the recommended systems for industrial premises because it provides maximum fall protection against accidents.
The plastic handrail side-mounted ensures quick installation and easy fixing and removal from any location. It can also be removed and fixed in a matter of minutes without the need for extra manpower. Another option that is preferred is the welded steel railings that come with the added benefit of providing maximum fall protection as well. However, the welded steel railings are typically heavy and are not easy to install and repair, which makes them less preferable than the plastic handrail systems.
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